Familjen Brinkman chattade med Aftonbladets läsare


Intresset var stort när Aftonbladets läsare fick ställa frågor till den republikanska familjen Brinkman.

Collin Brinkman svarade på frågor om såväl utrikespolitik som finanskrisen i USA.

Läs hela chatten här.

Moderator säger: Welcome to Aftonbladets chat with Collin Brinkman!

Familjen Brinkman säger: Hello, happy to be here!

Stellan säger: Hi, do you think that the republicans and the Bush-administration has been succesfull during the past eight years? What have they done that is good and what could have been done better? Has the average american family been affected by the financial turbulence? If yes, in what way? All the best to your family. Best regards Stellan

Familjen Brinkman säger: I think the republican administration has been somewhat successfull in the past eight year, mostly in responding to the terrorism assault. But I do not think that they have done a good job, and in particular George Bush, in building bypartisan support or his policies. I don't think the average american family has been affected yet, unless they are applying for credit. But I think we have a long way to go before the financial problems are over. For example, the other day, I heard about a woman in Detroit who was buying houses that had loans that would equal a hundred thousand dollars for just ONE thousand dollars. So that's a big right-off for the banks who loaned that money.

Mattias säger: Hello! My question to you is how you think the financial crisis that's striking America right now is going to affect the presidential election?

Familjen Brinkman säger: That is difficult to determine. It depends on who the american people has the best vision for them personally. For example, many people like the idea of Obama cutting taxes for the average american. But for him to do that, he would have to increase the taxes for the wealthy and the corporations, and that would drive business investments to other countries, and that would reduce the number of high-paying jobs i the US, which is not good.

Andreas säger: Hello! Do you thhink that John McCain can change the finacesituation?

Familjen Brinkman säger: No, I don't think either candidate can change the financial situation. It is a global system and it's a global problem.

Coco-Love säger: If you would choose the one most important thing that's better with the republic party than the democratic, what would you choose? Also, can you name on thing you agree more with the democratic party on than the republic?

Familjen Brinkman säger: Economic policy, to reduce government spending. That's the thing with the republican party I agree the most with. The democratic... hmmm, let me think hard on that one, haha. I guess I like the focus on trying to improve the situation for the poor people.

Hi! Do you discuss political issues with the children? säger: Hi! Do you discuss political issues with the children on a daily basis? How would you react if any of the children formed a different point of wiew than a republican?

Familjen Brinkman säger: I would spank them badly. No, just kidding! We do speak to the children frequently about the policies and the issues and because they are children, they agree with their parents. I have no problems with them disagreeing with me, but I will try to convince them and persuade them to my point of view.

Fredrik säger: Hi!, Do you think that the war in Iraq should continue after the election?

Familjen Brinkman säger: I think the election presents no deadline for when the war in Iraq should stop. The war in Iraq should stop when the government of Iraq can securely take control of their own country without outside intervention.

Robert säger: Hi! What are your feelings about the fact that John McCain is the oldest person ever to run for President and has been treated for cancer several times? What I'm suggesting is that he might not be able to fullfill his duties as President for the whole term, which would make Sarah Palin the most powerful woman in the world, that is in my opinion a scary prospect, not because she is a woman but that she is an extremist. What are your thoughts about that? THX.

Familjen Brinkman säger: I think it's more scary to have somebody who is inexperienced like Barack Obama as president and learning on the job. Because let's face it – somebody is gonna be learning on the job. I rather have it be the vice president (Sarah Palin) than the president. And about the cancer issue, Lance Armstrong had cancer and went on to win multiple Tour de Frances. Cancer is not a death sentence.

henrik säger: In what way has the Bush-administration been successful in fighting terrorism. Is the average opinion that there is less terrorists in the world now?

Familjen Brinkman säger: No, the average opinion is not that there is less terrorism. I think the Bush-administration has been successfull in improving terrorist threat-preparations, responsiveness and intelligence.

Emil Svensson säger: Hello, I wonder if you have been watching the interviews with Palin? If so, what did you think? To me, and many others, they're exposing her lack of knowledge in many areas, particularly foreign policy. I understand that you are an McCain voter, has the choice of Palin strengthened or softened your support for the ticket?

Familjen Brinkman säger: Rarely do people choose a president for the vice presidential nominee. This is no exception. I agree she is weak on foreign policy, but that's what the secretary of state in the State department job, not the vice president's. I think their will be a team of people that'll learn her everything she needs to know about foreign policy.

Student säger: I support John in matters of foregin policy and international economics but not for his strong support for christian fundamentalism. the fact the religion has such influence in american politics, is something that worries the ordinary american?

Familjen Brinkman säger: No, it's not a concern for the ordinary american. Remember how America was founded – it was founded by people seeking religious freedom. Which we have here. McCain is actually more balanced in his view of religion than many other candidates. I don't think it's the major factor in policy-making.

Gustaf Cavalli säger: Dear Brinkman family, Do you think that John McCain has better chanse to win against Barack than would have been the case against Hillary?

Familjen Brinkman säger: No. I actually think he would have a better chance against Hillary, because many people don't like Hillary and the Clinton's.

Maria säger: Hello, how do you think senator McCain will effect the relationship with Europe and the EU

Familjen Brinkman säger: I think senator McCain is very smart and understands the importance of the European Union and the countries in Europe as key-strategic relationships for the United States, and I believe that he will work with the leaders in the European Union to jointly achieve what's best for all people.

Man in Washington D.C säger: What are your oppinions on the bailout plan? House republicans are against it. If you agree with them, what should we do instead to solve the crisis?

Familjen Brinkman säger: Not only republicans were against, one third of the democrats did not vote for it. I am concerned about bailing out these big companies because there's just not enough money to bail out all of them. Somebody is gonna have to fail. For example, the derivatives market is a 700 trillion dollar-market. Nobody can bail that out. So people are going to lose money, unfortunately, and will just have to weather the storm.

Kristofer säger: Hi, How do you think the twisted media coverage(Fox news for ex)will have on an average American voter in the election? Do you think that you get an objective view and can vote with a critical mind to the information that is "given" to you?

Familjen Brinkman säger: I think that people spend too much time listening to reporters and too little time listening to the candidates. If people go to the candidates websites and read their positions on the issues, then they can make an informed decision.

Moderator säger: We now only have time for two more questions.

daniel d säger: What do you thing about the fact that between 70-80% of the Swedish people would vote for Obama if the election was over here! Any explanations why the republican view in many questions is so far away from us European way of seeing things?

Familjen Brinkman säger: First of all, I think it's good the election is not in Sweden, and I'm not surprised that there's a difference because European countries have more social programs, and that's not the way that America works. We believe that the government is not there to serve the people – the government is there to do what the people can't do for themselves, like a military, legal system etcetera.

Moderator säger: This is the last question:

Johannes säger: A silly question, but since I think neither of the alternatives running for president right now is optimal for the US or the world as a whole, if you could vote for any past president in the United States in this election, who would it be? Or rather, who do you think has been the best president up to this date? Take best of care, and regards to your seemingly lovely family.

Familjen Brinkman säger: That's a good question. I'm not sure I have a good answere. I would vote for Abraham Lincoln, because he got the United States through the toughest challenge it's ever faced – the civil war.

Moderator säger: Thanks to Collin Brinkman for your time! And thanks to all of Aftonbladets readers for your questions.

Familjen Brinkman säger: Thanks everyone for all the interesting questions. There's obviously a lot of smart people in Sweden. Take care!