"Vi måste tänka logiskt"


Både Israel och Palestina har gjort misstag - men nu är det viktigt att fokusera på framtiden. Och att fatta beslut grundade på logiskt tänkande, inte känslor.

Det sade Arnon Regular, före detta journalist med lång erfarenhet av Mellanösternfrågor, när han chattade med aftonbladet.se:s läsare.

Arnon Regular säger: Hi everyone!

Alllx säger: How is it to live in the war? You probably don't sleep at night...

Arnon Regular säger: Actually, If i speak about myself I don't live in a war, I live in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is quite a safe place right now.

Maria säger: Who is to blame for the current situation - the Israelis or Hamas?

Arnon Regular säger: There is never any dispute where is only one side to blame, there is a mixture of emotions.

Skeptikern säger: Hi, the conflict in the Middle east is more 1 000 years old, do you think it's possible to reach a solution in maybe a couple of years; and how?

Arnon Regular säger: I think that disputes and struggles have been existing for longer than 1 000 years in the area, but in the same time I think also it's possible to reach a solution. There are many reasans why people make peace, one of them i the level of tiredness.

Claire säger: How much do the locals notice the conflict? I mean, except the people living by the border, is it noticeable in the larger cities as well? How do people on both sides react?

Arnon Regular säger: You can not ignore this conflict, in Israel it's 24 hours in the news. And everybody knows someone that's serving in the army. For the palestinians, there is a high level of involvment, there are demonstrations taking place everywhere, not only in the Westbank, but also in all arabic countries.

Mats säger: Whats the biggest mistakes both sides has made during the years?

Arnon Regular säger: Where can I start? There is a lot of major misstakes made by both sides. There has been many points for the last years where the things could have turned in to other directions. But that is already spilled milk. If I have to name one thing that can change the current situation, it is to use less emotions and more logical thinking to solve problems.

Choda säger: Mr. Regular, Why has Hamas fired missiles? I thought there was a mutual desire for peace.

Arnon Regular säger: I think that Hamas was gambeling on the fact that there was a election campain to the 10 of February. Hamas didn't thinkt that Isarael would act back during the campain.

Valborg säger: Why do not UN go in with peacekeeping forces to establish piece in this area. What consecvenses would be the result?

Arnon Regular säger: Hamas have been rejecting the idea of international peace keeping forces coming to Gaza, in terms of international law. Peace keeping foreces can come only if all the sides involved agrees on it.

Johan säger: Do you think that peace in the Middle East is ever possible?

Arnon Regular säger: I have already answered that question, look at number three.

Moderator säger: Thank you Arnon Regular for your time! And thanks to all of Aftonbladets readers for your questions.

Arnon Regular säger: Thank you too! Nice chatting with you.