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Shane Smith säger: Hej Humar du?
Moderator säger: Hej Shane och alla chattare! Nu sätter vi igång!
A säger: Hey Shane, how's life over there? What made you want to do this "inside 'trip'"?
Shane Smith säger: North Korea is the last cult of personality Utopian society left on Earth and I wanted to see it before Kim Jung Il dies and it just becomes another poor country providing cheap labor for car manufacturing.
Ank säger: What was your first thought when you got off the plane i North K.?
Shane Smith säger: that we were going to get caught and i would spend time in a concentration camp where they eat corn kernals out of cow shit. there are secret police EVERYWHERE watching whatever you do.
Shane Smith säger: and if you get caught as a journalist there you are in big trouble
TobiasS säger: Hi mate, it's nice to see a reporter like you sneaks in the North Korea and film whats realy happens in that country. Now to my question: You must walk around scared like hell when the korean soldiers/agents is everywhere? I mean, no one wants to go to prison (after all not in North Korea).
Shane Smith säger: you have to sign a lot of realeases saying you are not a journalist
Jaksan säger: Hello Shane, I am deeply impressed by your journey to North Korea and as a Korean myself I find it very interesting. Did the normal people say anything about the situation in NK or were they too afraid or someting like that?
Shane Smith säger: no one said anything but the party line until the last day. I asked my guide if they had vegetarians in DPRK
Blomman säger: Great work! How many days did you stay there?
Shane Smith säger: he was not familiar with the term. when i explained he replied "Big Brother" which is what he called me "quite frankly we don't have any food"
Christoffer säger: Hello, awesome work. I wonder if this had any penalties after you got home? Has like the police of North Korea tried to get hold of you afterwards?
Shane Smith säger: that was pretty shocking. he then went on to admit that they had no electricity and that people have to carry water 20 stories in thier apartment buildings just to flush the toilet
säger: If mobilephones, cameras, videocameras are not allowed to take to North Korea, who took the pictures/videos? Do you think the girl in the tea shop will get trouble afterward, as she was on the video?
Shane Smith säger: funny you should ask. a rep of the DPRK came to our offices in NYC to "congratulate" us on our doc. I was in Iran at the time so did not see them.
Shane Smith säger: everyone you meet is sanctioned by the state. they did nothing wrong and will not get into trouble. the only people that might get any heat will be our secret police guards who were with us the whole time.
Shane Smith säger: and who are charged with the task of making sure we dont film and politically indoctrinating us.
Shane Smith säger: we shot a lot on cyber shot cameras with large memory cards. we then hid the memory cards when we left the country
Trex säger: Hello, I have been in North Korea 4 times and had no problems to come in to the country. Maybe Its harder for you cause you are an American?
Shane Smith säger: we went twice and the first time was very difficult as relations with Japan and USA were very bad. I am Irish and Canadian but had a lot of trouble. that was 4 years ago. last year it was easier and there was an obvious melting of how strict they were.
Hedman säger: I have a friend who been to North Korea on vacation and he had a pleasant time. Aren't you just out to make money out of propaganda?
Shane Smith säger: although i have friends who tried to get in this year and were denied. they have cancelled most AMerican trips over the past few years.
Shane Smith säger: did you go for Arirang?
säger: Hi Shane, I was wondering, if you were to label something you saw in N.Korea as heartbreaking, what would that be? //Jen
Shane Smith säger: there was a lot. very little food. no power. but when i asked about teenagers falling in love, or having sex or teenaged pregnancy they responded that their was none. I did not believe them. But the great general has forbidden pre-marital sex. therefore it simply cannot happen. if caught their whole family get sent to camps. the thought of the state controlling that much of your life is terrifying.
Albin säger: hi Shane, Was there anything in North korea that you thought was positive, did you get an idea of how peoples lives were?
Shane Smith säger: well there is not the cult of consumerism that we have here. and people are certainly passionate about their country and their history. they are very fierce and very proud. and it is kind of touching that they still believe in revolution changing the world unlike the west were that idea has been replaced with pure economics
Lewis säger: Did you ever regret entering the country?
Shane Smith säger: when we were threatened yes. and everytime we ate anything. i ended up eating South Korean pot noodles from the hotel store. everyone on our trip got sick the first time.
Halo säger: Hi! I love your beard. You seem to be a womanizer. Are you?
Shane Smith säger: we stayed drunk to not be so paranoid
Shane Smith säger: i love booze and women and baths and bed and food. all the sensual pleasures. which is why DPRK was such a hardship for me!
Mattias säger: There is a rumour about Kim jung il's death. Do you think he's dead?
Shane Smith säger: i think he is dying and has been for sometime. whenever i asked about his sons the response was the same "we respect no one but Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il" there is no succession arranged.
JD säger: Hi Shane! Do you think North Korea will change after Kim Jong Il’s death?
Shane Smith säger: yes i think it will become cheap labor for South Korea overnight. they will be bought very quickly.
Kc säger: First of all, your documentry is very intressting.Anyway...now when you have been there, do you think that they actully are a threat to USA?
Shane Smith säger: there is no one else to lead them. their gods will gone. they will have to join ROK or get swallowed by China.
säger: Hi Shane. To what extent, if any, does the Northkorean people know how their lives differ from the rest of the world?
Shane Smith säger: they think they are living a pure existence, fighting for the revolution and for Juche ideals. The rest of the world (besides China) is corrupt etc... if you go to the Intl Friendship museum there are 100s of rooms filled with 100's of thousands of gifts from every country in the world praising juche and Kim il Sung as the great leader of the revolution that is what they think.
Blomman säger: How come only you sat in the presidential suit at the mass games? Since the games are only every second year, that had to be very exclusive?!
Shane Smith säger: last year i went they had canceled the games up until the last minute. is was also the year of the floods so they didnt want people to see the bodies floating down the river. but at the last minute they re-opened the games and let some people in. But it was very empty when we went and raining. that was sad actually. all the kids in the rain training for two years. to perform just for you, it has the exact opposite effect that they design them for.
Stiffler säger: So, this documentary is, according to me, a big hit. What's your next project?
Shane Smith säger: we have been shooting in IRan for two years. Herion, E, Hash, booze fueled orgies, death metal, hyman reconstruction surgery, really crazy stuff
Daniel säger: When a succession is done and a son or someone else becomes the leader in NK, would you go back and make another documentary, to see if there is a difference??
Shane Smith säger: maybe. i dont think it will be one of his sons. they have been disgraced. maybe someone in the military. they have a military first policy that might lead a general to take power. they talk a lot about reunification. when you ask how that would work they say "we have the party, we have the army"some general might realize that there is a very nice prize to be had an hour and a half South of the DMZ
Mike da Man säger: Most pics I see of North Korea show huge buildings but basically empty streets, is this the impression you got too now when you've seen it up close in person? Or are there actually pedestrians and cars like everywhere else? And if the streets indeed are empty, where are everybody?
Shane Smith säger: the towns are pretty empty. but pyongyang has people. they walk everywhere. there are very few cars on the road and the buses dont run often so people walk. its odd to be able to walk down the middle of the road in a major city and not see a car anywhere in sight (despite their being very pretty and robotic street traffic police directing the non-existent traffic) its like being on acid.
Lollo säger: Hey Shane were are you now?Are you still in north korea?//Lollo
Shane Smith säger: Im in Russia. Shooting before we go back to IRan.
Moderator säger: Ok, last question!
Jelena säger: What were your feelings as you left N. Korea?
Shane Smith säger: i was happy to have seen it. I was happier that we got our tapes out. but it was sad. and was certainly not fun. but when it goes away i don't think people will be able to experience anything like it ever again. It was like a time capsule. A Disneyland for political junkies and a bit hallucinagenic.
Moderator säger: THANKS A LOT Shane och tack till alla er som ville chatta! Hundratals ville chatta med Shane, alla fick inte svar denna gång. Hoppas att ni ändå fick några av de svar ni ville ha i chatten!
Shane Smith säger: Ja Gelska De!