’Possible terror-attack’ was man putting up his curtains

avEric Tagesson

1 av 9 | Foto: P-O Sännås
Stort pådrag på Södermalm.

Media all across the globe reported about a blast in central Stockholm, friday.

There were speculations about a possible terrorattack.

Now, Aftonbladet, can reveal the truth about the huge police operation.

At 11.40 today several people living in Södermalm in central Stockholm called the police, reporting that they heard one, or possibly two, explosions or shots being fired.

Witnesses also told the police that they had observed a man, shirtless, with what they perceived as a weapon in his hands.

The police immediately responded and a swat-team, ambulances and fire-department was sent to the location.

When they arrived at the scene they observed how a person in the current window was putting up some sort of plastic.

Feared hostage-situation

According to Aftonbladets sources the police suspected that the man was trying to avoid the police to see what was going on in the apartment.

The police feared that it, in worst case, could be a hostage-situation.

The swat-team approached the window, but when the person in the window held up a hand-written note, although they could not read what it said, they immediately retreated.

An intrusion was prepared and the police enforced the apartment.

It turned out there was no hostage-situation - at all.

Clumsy craftsman

Instead they found a man, shirtless, who had tried to put a curtain up in his window. But he lost his balance and dropped the black powerdrill he held in his hand so that it fell out of the window, breaking it, and down on a tin roof.

There was a big bang when it hit the tin roof, heard, according to witnesses, all over Södermalm.

But there never was an explosion, nor an armed man in the window.

All it was was a clumsy craftsman, dropping his powertool through the window, and then fixing his broken window.