"Vi flyttar till Sverige om McCain vinner"


Runt 1500 av Aftonbladets läsare chattade under tisdagseftermiddagen med demokratfamiljen Pinkowitz.

Ted och Susan svarade på frågor om valsystemet, vicepresidentkandidater och hur de ska fira om Obama vinner valet.

Moderator säger: Welcome to Aftonbladets chat with Susan and Ted Pinkowitz!

Pinkowitz family säger: Hello everyone. We are here and excited to speak with you!

Mustafa säger: Hello there Pinkowitz family. Who is going to win this election in the USA do you think? Thanks for me!

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: I think Barack Obama is going to win the election by a large margin of electoral votes and also win the popular vote by 53-46 percent. Susan Barack will win, but now that it is election day, I am a little more nervous about how large the margin will be - it would be nice if he started with a win in virginia.

Susan säger: What is the most important issue that the President Elect will face during the coming months?

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: the economic crisis.

Rebecka säger: Hi why do you think so many europeans wants Obama to win and not Mccain?

Pinkowitz family säger: Susan - I think that Europeans are tired of a conservative American approach to the world. It doesn't look very worldly. The more liberal views of obama are more open to working with the rest of the world.

46hy säger: What will an Obama administration mean for America culturallay and in terms of equality?

Pinkowitz family säger: susan: open open open - it opens up our society to different viewpoints and is a more accepting and encompasing approach to ALL Americans - not just the right wing one way of acting approach. Ted: it demonstates in fact, not just theory, that anyone in America can be accepted and trusted with great responsibility. Obama will also focus on the middle and lower economic classes, which will level the playing field for everyone.

Madz säger: Hey Pinkowitz family..its great to chat you you..How big do you think the chances are that the Bradley-effect or any other sorts of cheating might occur?

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: I do not expect the Bradley effect to take effect. I think the reverse Bradley effect might come into play -- people that publicly say they are voting for McCain will actually vote for Obama.

linnea säger: Hello over there! What do you think about the american election system, old and need to be updated or a good system?

Pinkowitz family säger: Susan: I think it works very well, however, that being said, we are in a process in every state of trying to make it better and better - as the Gore/Bush election showed us how there were problems. MANY articles in the papers are talking about how Colorado has worked hard to make things better for this election. Ted: I think our system is fine, but the process (technology) needs to be refined.

lindwe säger: Hi Pinkowitz family! What kind of healthcare system would you prefer in USA? The current one or the system we have here in Sweden? Witch is that medical care is given to everyone for "free" payed with tax money. I read somewhere that Obama wanted to change to that system.

Pinkowitz family säger: Susan: I think we would be ok to leave it in private hands BUT need to STRONGLY regulate it and the govt. then would help cover those who can't afford it. One cannot get new coverage if you have a pre-existing problem - THAT is ridiculous. Ted: I think ultimately, we will have to go to a system similar to yours, but that will not occur for at least 10-15 years. In the meantime, I will be curious to see if Obama's proposed system will actually improve what we currently have.

The Dude säger: Hi there Mr and Mrs Pinkowitz (and the children of course). 8 years with George W Bush...is there anything that he have done that you are satisfied with? I can´t find anything anyway..

Pinkowitz family säger: Susan: no - nothing - he has been a disgrace to our environment, economic system and the well-being of all americans. Notice NO ONE is asking him to help them with their campaign this year. Ted: Bush has done nothing that I am satisfied with -- total disaster!

Nawras säger: Hello, Iam from Iraq but live in Sweden for 13 years, President Bush destroyed my Country. Do you think that Obama well retreat the tropps and change USA image front of the world?

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: Absolutely! He will have a deadline for withdrawal of the troops and will be more open to form alliances and negotiate with our adversaries. Susan: As a Mpm, it has made me sick to see what he has caused the Iraqi children, women and families to suffer.

Sebastian säger: Hi Susan, Hi Ted. My question is in regards to Senator Joe Biden. I know you can't speak for every single democrat, but I just wanted to know what the general feelings are towards Senator Biden among the democratic followers. In terms of overall experience there's no question he's head and shoulders above Governor Sarah Palin, that we all know. But let's say, God forbid, something were to happen to Barack Obama, resulting in Senator Biden having to step in and fill his shoes as President of the United States, how confident are you in his abilities to run the country? Thanks a bunch!

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: I am happy to speak for all democrats in America :) I have admired Joe Biden for many years. He would also make great decisions as president.

Elin säger: How will you celibrate if Obama win?

Pinkowitz family säger: Susan: Go to sleep and sleep well. It has been on mind mind too much the last month - so will be glad to have it over. I may put an American flag out front of the house tomorrow morning. Ted: Breathe a big sigh of RELIEF!

Tobias E säger: Hello! What do you think the consequences will be - for USA and for your family - if McCain becomes president?

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: I will be moving to Sweden! Susan: He won't win - don't worry!

Jessica säger: Hello, What do you think will be the biggest difference if Barack Obama wins tonight.

Pinkowitz family säger: Susan: the environment and renewable energy and some intelligence and thoughtfulness back in the White House. Ted: For the first time in many, many years there will be a feeling of hope in the country about its future.

Sonny säger: What's your opinions about the large amount of money that is spent on the election? Have a nice day!

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: I do not like it. I would like to see the elections run on limited budgets taken from public funds. Susan: It is rather gross. However, I was glad our candidate had the funds to get his message out - it all goes back into the American economy in the long run anyway.

Erika säger: Hi, I really hope that Obama wins this election! Do you talk about politics with the kids and how would you feel if their views were different from yours?

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: Our children are 5 and 6 years old. we do talk about politics and this election with them. Our son wanted Bill Clinton to win this election and our daughter was a Hilary Clinton supporter during the primary. We have convinced them that Obama is also a good choice.

Moderator säger: We now only have time for two more questions.

lindwe säger: Do you think that if Obama gets elected, that his life is being at risk? There have bin some news about assasination atempts on the senator. God forbid that it would happen

Pinkowitz family säger: Ted: I am also concerned about that. Being a liberal, black man in power is a dangerous place to be.

Moderator säger: This is the last question:

David säger: Hello! I wonder which president in your lifetime is your favourite so far?

Pinkowitz family säger: Susan: I was born in the 60's - so my choices are smaller than Ted's - but I would have to say Bill Clinton. Ted: I was 7-10 years old when John Kennedy was president, but I remember the feeling of excitment and hope when he was elected. I have the same feeling about Obama. Other than that, I have not been excited about any of our presidents. Susan: goodbye to you all - need to get the kids to school. Have a nice day - we are excited for this day in America!!!

Moderator säger: Thank you Susan and Ted for your time! And thanks to all of Aftonbladets readers for your questions.

Pinkowitz family säger: Have a great day everyone!