”Jag tror att Obama vinner valet”

Familjen Brinkman chattade med aftonbladet.ses läsare om presidentvalet


Tusentals av aftonbladet.ses läsare tog chansen att chatta med den republikanska familjen Brinkman i Minnesota, USA.

Frågorna kretsade främst kring de två presidentkandidaterna John McCain och Barack Obama.

Familjen Brinkman.

Miranda säger: Why are you voting for John McCain ?

Brinkman family säger: Hello! Thank you for your question. I am voting for Senator McCain because of his economic conservatism and vast experience in military and strategic issues.

Grace säger: Who do you think is going to win this election and why?

Brinkman family säger: Unfortunately, I believe that Senator Obama will win the election because President Bush angered so many people and McCain is part of the same political party. Also, Obama is an appealing candidate with very good presence a good message of "change" that is resonnating with voters and also he is telling them what they want to hear ... he will tax the upper 5% of people more and then deliver tax cuts and more programs to the other 95% ... very few people are smart enough to check his math.

J.T. säger: If Obama wins, would you accept that, allthough you have supported McCain all the way?

Brinkman family säger: What can I do other than to accept it? I hear that Sweden is a beautiful country with charming people, so maybe your country will take a family of 5 from the U.S. - what do you think?

David säger: What is the biggest ideological difference between being a replublican vs. a democrat?

Brinkman family säger: People will try to tell you that it is about social issues, but I don't believe that. At the core I believe it is about money. Republicans are supposed to be fiscally and economically more conservative believing that government should only pay for certain things that the population would not pay for if left to their own devices (military, welfare, roads, schools). Democrats, on the other hand, believe that government should pay for healthcare and other things that already have great private enterprise infrastructure that is available. It is the sizing of government that is in dispute and it always comes down to money.

Kenneth Jönsson säger: Hi What would you say is the most urgent task for the new president? I mean for you as a family, for your kids and as employees.

Brinkman family säger: Great question... thank you. The most urgent issue is the U.S. economy. The new President needs to work with Congress to restore the confidence of the American people in the economy and get people off the fence and spending again. Our family is financially in the top 2% of income earners and we are really not in jeopardy from the recent financial crisis, yet I find that we are making choices every day to cut-back on our spending. I wish I could give you a rational answer for why, but I can't. And if like us are cutting back then the economy will take a long time to recover. This is a huge issue and it will not only take a President who can make tough decisions, but one who can also work with the leadership in other countries to restore global economic vitality.

Erik säger: Do you believe that the world/USA will be a safer place to live at if McCain wins?

Brinkman family säger: I do. McCain is a man who spent 5 years being tortured in a prisoner of war camp in Vietnam... if anyone understands the pain and horror of war it is him. However, he has also been trained in military strategy at the U.S. Naval Academy and he understands that sometimes it is necessary to flex military strength to prevent an all-out conflict. Unfortunately, Obama has absolutely no background in this and with some of the scary people in the world in Iran, Russia, North Korea and even Pakistan, we need someone who truly understands strategy. I do not think that McCain is for war, but he knows that Americans sometimes are targeted and it is the President's job to prevent the killing of American citizens.

Daniel Alfredsson säger: Do you like Barack Obama?

Brinkman family säger: Sure. He is an appealing character with great public speaking skills. What I do not like is that he really has not done anything to "earn" the Presidency. He has spent his years trying to create a resume to become President rather than just providing selfless service to our country first and then seeking the Presidency second. He seems very manufactured to me.

Daniel säger: What do you think about Sara Palin? Do you think she is eligible for Vice president?

Brinkman family säger: She is not the optimal choice, but she has some good qualities. As I have said before, it is not the Vice President's job to focus on foreign policy ... that is the Secretary of State's job. She, more than any of the others on either side of the election, understands the real issues of normal people in the U.S. You know, pregnant daughter, middle income, both parents work, child with health problems, etc. It doesn't get more real than that and I think we need REAL people in our government leadership who do need to work to earn a living rather than just collect money on their investments. I like that about her.

David säger: Thank you for your answer! Speaking about it, has healthcare been a big issue in this election?

Brinkman family säger: Healthcare has not been as large of an issue because of the state of the economy, but with an aging population it is something that a lot of people think about. Unfortunately, most people don't realize that if the government pays for healthcare it is not "free" because they just tax us a whole lot more to give it back to us in health insurance -- terribly inefficient.

Annelie säger: Is It important to you, In the future, that your children vote on the same person that you (the parents) do? And If yes,why?

Brinkman family säger: No. Of course, I will try to convince them that my choice is the right choice, but that is a father's prerogative. That is the wonderful thing about our country ... most people respect other people's perspectives and although they disagree they don't have bad feelings about it. Although there are some people who violently disagree and it causes issues between them.

säger: Hi Brinkmans! I lived in Duluth in 2004 when the last presidential election was held. What are the biggest differences between this election compared to 2004 in Minnesota. Media caverage, involment of the citizens in Minnesota, frustration, etc?

Brinkman family säger: Ya, you betcha! (only people who have lived in Northern Minnesota will get that). The main differences are the involvement of so many people and the passion that has ignited to get as many people out to vote as possible. A lot of bumper stickers on cars (all Obama) and yard signs.

Sim säger: I have a hard time understanding that McCain is actually about to loose the election. Can you see anything that will prevent this outcome? Or is Obama as popular as it seems?

Brinkman family säger: Obama is definitely as popular as it seems. Although you never really know until it is over, I do think that the election is going to go Obama's way. However, we could all get a big surprise and you in Sweden will probably know at about the same time I do what the outcome is ... isn't the Internet great!

Moderator säger: Many thanks to the Brinkman family for chatting with us - and thanks to all our readers for your questions!

Brinkman family säger: Thank you very much to the Aftonbladet readers - you are certainly a very smart and informed group of people. Best wishes from the Brinkman family.