"Vi känner oss stolta över USA i dag"

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Aftonbladets läsare chattade med den demokratiska familjen Pinkowitz i Denver om Barack Obamas seger.

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Moderator säger: Welcome to Aftonbladets chat with Susan and Ted Pinkowitz!

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Hello Everyone! Susan and I are here feeling extremely jubilant!

Emelie säger: Hi! Congratulations to a REAL man as President! How do you think Obamas politic will change your familys life?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: Our taxes will increase and we will feel much better about our national policies. I do not think there will be immediate impact in a daily life.

Tina säger: CONGRATULATIONS USA. Hope the next 4 years will be the BEST years ever for your country and for the rest of the world...How's the emotions a day like this?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Susan: the emotions are high. At Tillie's school this morning there was a spontaneous chant of OBAMA, OBAMA from the kids - not the adults. We ar feeling proud of America today.

Suad säger: which 3 changes do you want to see now when Obama is the president?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: 1)new foreign policy with diplomacy and alliance building-- 2) economic stimulus with investment in infrastructure and renewable energy investment -- 3) healthcare reform. Susan Better environmental stewardship, health care, war in Iraq/foreign policy

YesYouCould säger: Congratulations on the victory, how have your fellow americans responded to President elect Obamas historic speach?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: I thought it was incredible! Very inspiring, very hopeful and very realistic -- lots of hard work to do! Susan - I thought it was one of his finer speaches - again - talked about reality - not just political blah blah blah McCain's speech also was VERY good and very classy.

Badr säger: First of all, congratulations for the victory! Now to the question: Im sure that the first months of his leadership will be kind off a disappointment, because he promised so much(no raising taxes, and still give better healthcare etc...) with a record high dept. So how do you think he will take care of the issue (dissappoint america as gently as possible)? if anything, how do you want him to do? // a fan of Obama from Sweden!

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Susan - Anyone who has a realistic view of the world would understand that this situation that Bush has left us in cannot be turned around so quickly - I am ready to be patient and give his policies time to work. Look, I know he will bring in smart people to make a good plan. Ted: you make an excellent point. He has raised expectations to a very high level, which will be difficult to meet. He needs to show that he is taking steps that all move in the right direction and people will respond positively.

Hallqvist säger: We all know that there must be a change in U.S political climate within and outside the nation. But which problem do you feel is the most prominent and sould be given the highest attention right from the start?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: Economy. Susan: Economy, Iraq.

lonnie säger: Hello! Do you think 2010 is a reachable goal to have all troops out of Irak?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted and Susan: Definitely! Susan: I just worry that Iraq will collapse into Civil War whenever we pull out.

McCain will be back! säger: What do you think is gonna be the main difference between the Obama years and the former Clinton years?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: Two things: Obama will have a democratic congress to help him implement policy. And, there will be no scandals to distract from the task facing us.

Hussein säger: how do you stand in the mather of irans "nuke" program? and do you think there will be a next "iraq" in iran when obama is seated as presedent in januari?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Susan: first of all, Obama'a approach to Iraq and North Korea may be more diplomatic and maybe we will be able to work with both of them and the world in a better way that doesn't inflame such bad passions. Ted: I think Obama will have an opportunity with low oil prices to engage Iran in negotiations. Iran is hurting economically and that can be used as leverage. Iran, CANNOT be allowed to have nuclear weapons. We will need a united world alliance to halp prevent that.

Mats säger: Congratulations! This must be a new start for America. After these past 8 years, how do you think history will judge George Bushs administration?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: I think history will see Bush's legacy as the beginning of the decline of American hegemony in the world. It will also view the Bush years as the end of one era and the beginning of a new one in america. Susan: Bush's first legacy was last night - a clean sweep not only for the new president, but also for the House and Senate. NO ONE asked him to help campaign for them. He is disdainded and not respected and I am not sure that will fade with time???

elmo säger: what do you think of the fact that Sweden(pop:9 000 000) has allowed more Iraqi refugees to come to Sweden then America has?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: Given the Bush policy, it does not surprise me. Do you think the next generation of Swedes will elect a Swedish born Iraqi prime minister?

IVAr säger: hello! well congratulations for the first..well i just wonder what you think of obama being against Free-trade or atleast i under harsher conditions as declaring deposits?? do you thiink he will get that trough?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: I think Obama will positively reinforce companies who create jobs in here the US and he will tax companies who create jobs overseas. I do not think that he will abandon free trade policies entirely, but he might review how they impact the US make adjustments. Susan: with our enormous trade deficit, I don't think small tweeks in policy are going to have a big effect. Have you noticed how many americans flock to Walmart - americans are addicted to cheap goods, so restriction in trade can only go so far.

jwikman säger: How do you think Obama will handle Russia & Korea? and i have a follow up question from one above in regard to nuclear weapons. "Iran, CANNOT be allowed to have nuclear weapons." Us has it, are you supporting this and if so, how do you justify that?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: One of our past presidents (1900) said "Talk softly, but carry a big stick" I think that will be his policy. I beleive that the economic difficulty in both Russia and Korea will create positive opportunities. Regarding nukes: Iran has stated publicly that they would like to wipe Israel off the face of the map. I do not take that as an idle threat.

Hallqvist säger: What o you think of President elect Obama's approach towards the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: I think he will keep it intact. high oil prices will create urgency for a new energy policy, which will help Obama's vision for renewables. Low oil prices will lessen the urgency.

Moderator säger: We now only have time for two more questions.

lonnie säger: Hello, im hoping your enjoying the first day of a new era! Who do you think Obama should and will pick as Finance minister?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Ted: They are mentioning, with very high respect, the head of the Federal Reserve in New York. I do not remember his name.

Moderator säger: This is the last question:

Henrik Nystrom säger: Hello, how do you think that obama will change you'r life, both political and financial?

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: Susan: For us, financially - taxes may go up in certain areas - i.e. capital gains etc. Politically - ahhhh a breath of fresh air - where the conservatives of this country realize that there are many people who do not think like they do and I HOPE that Obama puts in long term policies that will reverse much of what has been put in place in the last 8 years - especially the environment. Ted: We will be living in a much more liberal political environment, which will be nice. Financially, Obama will help create middle-class jobs and restrain Wall Street and those making money from money and not actually producing anything.

Moderator säger: Thank you Susan and Ted for your time! And thanks to all of Aftonbladets readers for your questions.

Familjen Pinkowitz säger: thank you all! The world will now be a better place!