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"Ken Lennaard makes my knees shake"

Joe Hachem säger: Hello my dear swedish poker brothers!

Sigge D säger: Hi Joe! Do you think that there is any poker player who is better than you?

Joe Hachem säger: If there are any poker players who are better than me, it would definitely be either Greg Raymer or Chris Moneymaker.

freerolls.kudos.se säger: What stakes did you play online before you won wsop?

Joe Hachem säger: I played $10-$20 NL and Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha 8 or better.

WallEN säger: Which hand is your favourite hand?

Joe Hachem säger: I don´t have a favorite hand, however I find 2 black aces or ace king of spades very attractive.

WallaWalla säger: For how long have you been playing Poker?

Joe Hachem säger: I started playing from the age of 12 but have been playing seriously for 10 years.

Leei säger: wzp joe congratulation to the victory. How does it fell do be the world champion and another thing how do I become the champion? ;)

Joe Hachem säger: Being World Champion is one of the highlights of my life and I feel privileged. To become the World Champion, or to succeed in anything that you do, you must work hard and beliver in yourself.

Fullhouse säger: Hi, what is most important thing when u sitting around the table. is it your attitude or how much chips you've got.

Joe Hachem säger: Your attitude towards the game is always the most important. Even if you are short stacked, if you maintain the correct positive attitude and don´t panic, you´ll find opportunities to grow your chip stack. Playing the final table of the World Series last year, I was short stacked for most of the time, however not once did I panic, I maintanined focus and waited for the best opportunities to play my hands.

Basel säger: do you come from libanon and did u start playing poker in libanon or somwhere else

Joe Hachem säger: Yes I am originally from Lebanon, I was born there and immigrated at the age of 7. I started playing poker in Australia.

JertherEss säger: Hi Joe! What is the one most important book to read if I want to succeed i Poker?

Joe Hachem säger: One of the most important books for me, when starting up, was TJ Cloutier and Tom McEvoy Championship NL Hold´em. It gives a sound basis to improve your game. More recently Harrington on Hold´em, his 2 books are excellent to advance your game to a higher lever.

Victor säger: After you've won the biggest tournament existing today, do you feel there are no such challenges left which could in comparison with that winning? I mean, sure there's a challenge to defeat moneymaker or raymer, but about tournaments etc?

Joe Hachem säger: I feel that everytime I play a tournament or a cash game, it is a challenge for me because I hate to loose and I think if you don´t have that competitive spirit within you, it is very hard to succeed.

Tony säger: Hi Joe! How did your life change after winning wsop ? do you prefer the life before that or how it is now?

Joe Hachem säger: Life was wonderful before and life is even more wonderful today, except that I am 10 times as busy as I used to be. I´ve never worked so hard in all my life.

Joey säger: how big is the biggest pot that you have won?

Joe Hachem säger: $44,000

Skagerdal säger: What's your favourite position at the table? Any favourite starthand?

Joe Hachem säger: Whenever I have the button I feel like I have control of the table, regardless of the hand I have.

marx säger: Do you believe it's harder for a man like you to enter the final table now that more and more rookies attend the larger tournaments?

Joe Hachem säger: Yes of course.

persandis säger: Have you ever cheated?

Joe Hachem säger: What a ridiculous question. Even if I had, do you think I´d be dumb enough to tell you :)

Martin säger: Any bad beat story you can tell about ? :P

Joe Hachem säger: I was playing 10-20 NL cash at the Bellagio, utg guy raises, I re-raise with AK. He thinks a while and calls and I suspect he has queens. The flop comes king high and he checks and I check behind him to induce a bet on the turn. The turn comes a blank and he bets the pot, I raise him and after consideration he moves all-in and I call. He shows me QQ and the river is a Q. This is poker my friend.

bLu säger: Which player do you fear most if you must choose 1: Ken Leenard, Chris moneymaker, Gre Raymer?

Joe Hachem säger: Ken Lennaard makes my knees shake.

Moderator säger: Last question

Joakim säger: Have you been in Sweden before? Do you like Sweden?

Joe Hachem säger: Ja ja I picked up some swedish in January. I was in Sweden in January, however the weather was a little bit different with a winther and a summer.

Moderator säger: Vi tackar alla som ställt frågor till Joe Hachem.

Joe Hachem säger: Thank you for chatting I hope to see you at a final table soon!