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"Chris Moneymaker är bäst i världen"

Chris Moneymaker säger: Hello!

Pepperpum säger: Hi there! First of all I want to say I appreciate watching you play! I have only got one question for you: How do you maintain your patience when playing at a really loose table where you get drawn out more often than not. This is for me a big problem, I have become better at just take a deep breath and continue playing, but sometimes I just get so frustrated. If you have any good tip I would be most grateful! ps. Good luck in the WSOP!

Chris Moneymaker säger: It does get frustrating at times. I just remember that I play all the time and have time to get it back. I take comfort in knowing if they continue to play that way I will eventually have all their money. I usually will get up and walk off to the restroom or outside for 5 to relax. I don't get upset when this happens anymore, I get upset when I make a mistake that I can control.

call_this Borlänge säger: Hello Mr Moneymaker (great name), Tell me what is your greatest skill as a pokerplayer?

Chris Moneymaker säger: Reading players and hands. I have worked real hard on knowing where my opponents are in the hand. We played a tournament last night and Greg and I were sitting next to other. Joe was in a big hand with a guy and I told Greg that on a board of 244610 that Joe had pocket 8s and the young guy had 6s full. Greg thought I was way off. I was corect on both hands

gurrino63 säger: which one of all the stars in the circuit is the thoughest opponent in Wsop

Chris Moneymaker säger: The stars are not the tough ones in the WSOP till day 3 or 4. Like me they are looking to win small pots and double up against the weaker players. The first 3 days or so they are not my concern. I am concerned with the guy who doesn't know what he is doing, but playing ultra aggressive. These are the guys that make or break your tournament. They will overbet the pot on every street and make it tough for alot of pros to call and risk their chips even though they are in the lead. I lost the last 2 years main event to these types of opponents, both drawing to only 2 outs. Against a pro, he would of laid the hands down and I would win a small pot. On the flip side, if they don't get lucky then you build some massive chips and your off ready to take on the pros on day 3 and 4

martin säger: Hi! How much "learningmoney" is normal to loose before you become a break-even-player?

Chris Moneymaker säger: Depends on the levels you play. My "learning money" was 10k US. I was playing alittle too high for my bankroll at the time, and would beat the lower games only to play higher and give it back. You need to have discipline and only move up levels when you are confident you can hang with those levels. I was a losing player for 2 years. I became a winning player in year 3 and don't plan on looking back. I only play 2 levels higher now than my pre WSOP days

JEPPE säger: HELLO chris what your best macth ever

Chris Moneymaker säger: From profitability and fun it was with Sam Grizzle. We were playing 20k US freezeouts at 4 am at binions. He was playing so poorly he should of played with his cards face up, I knew what he had every hand. Needless to say I had a great night. As far as a great skill match, it was a tie between my matches with Eli Elizera and Tuan Le. Both matches went on forever with each of us making great plays. I got Eli but Tuan got me.

mats säger: which swedish player do u think is the best?

Chris Moneymaker säger: My hero is Ken Lenard :)

all-in säger: Who do you think is the best poker player in the world right now?

Chris Moneymaker säger: Chris Moneymaker of course. That question is impossible to answer since there are so many different forms of poker. Cash games, tournaments, omaha, stud, ect. There are a lot of amazing cash game players who never play tournaments and vice versa so it is impossible to even quess.

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