World exclusive: Zlatan buys Swedish football club

Swedish football superstar invests in Stockholm club Hammarby

avPer Bohman, Torbjörn Ek

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic turns club owner.

In a world exclusive the Swedish football superstar reveals that he has purchased a quarter of the shares in Stockholm club Hammarby.

”I will help Hammarby to become the bestclub in Scandinavia”, says Zlatan in our exclusive inteview.


Speculations went wild as Zlatan Ibrahimovic posted a pic of himself with a Hammarby shirt Tuesday, with his name on it. In a world exclusive interview with Aftonbladet Zlatan now reveals that he has invested in the club by purchasing half of the Hammarby shares previously owned by AEG.

The American company Anschutz Entertainment Group, a major owner of Ibrahimovic’s current club LA Galaxy, had a 47 percent share in the Swedish club Hammarby. Zlatan has now bought halft of the AEG shares, resulting in the football superstar owning roughly a quarter of the Stockholm based club.

”I have reached an agreement with the teams from Hammarby and AEG to make this thing as global as possible”, says Zlatan in Aftonbladet’s world exclusive interview and continues: ”We are to be known across the world. Not just in Sweden but in the world. Everyone will know about Hammarby and when people see the logo they will know: this is Hammarby”.

Won’t return to the Swedish league

Hammarby sports club was established in 1897 with the football department becoming its own club in 1915. Now Zlatan’s aim is to make Hammarby the greatest in Scandinavia.

”There are no limits as to how far Hammarby can go”, says Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

At the same time he emphasizes that he has no plans to return to the Swedish football league, allsvenskan.

”For ten years I’ve said I won’t return to allsvenskan. It’s not going to happen”.

As a major owner he wants to use his contacts to help the club grow.

”I will contribute with my experience, using my unlimited network. Whatever it takes, really. I want Hammarby to have the best youth academy in Sweden. Hammarby will have the best talents and will foster the best talents. I have the resources to help and a network to open up for whatever is needed for this”.

”I know people in Malmö won’t be disappointed”

But Zlatan made his debut in the Swedish top league allsvenskan playing for Malmö FF, one of Hammarby’s major rivals.

”This has nothing to do with Malmö FF”, Zlatan says when asked about his former club.

”When it comes to Malmö FF we’re talking about the football player Zlatan. I think the people in Malmö will respect this. I have always had a good relationship to Malmö FF. But this has nothing to do with me as a football player. I would think people in Malmö are happy for me.”

You’re not worried that people in Malmö will be disapointed with you?

”No, I don’t think they will be. Or rather, I know they won’t be disappointed. What I have done for Malmö FF is forever. This is a completely different situation. This has nothing to do with where my career started.

But for Hammarby to become the best in Scandinavia they will first have to beat Malmö FF in Sweden?

”Hammarby has that possibility. The dream scenario is for Hammarby to become the greatest”.