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"Jag respekterar alla motståndare vid bordet"

Greg Raymer säger: Hello all!

Pokerface2k säger: Hi greg....what amount is the biggest pot you ever won?

Greg Raymer säger: In a cash game, my biggest pot is probably from a game of 25,50 blinds no limit holdem, and the final pot was about 60,000 US

John säger: Hello Greg! When did u first realise that u were good at poker, I mean real good?

Greg Raymer säger: I started out 14 years ago, playing 3-6 limit holdem. I have never had a losing year so far, so I have long known that I was an above average player. It has only been in the last 4 or so years, when I've been winning in games as high as 150-300, that I have known that I am well above average.

Alexandra säger: how old whas you when you fore the first time playd poker?

Greg Raymer säger: I do not know. I first played for money in college, but I knew the basic rules when I showed up there. However, I do not recall when or where as a child I learned the rules.

peter säger: which pokerplayer in the world do you have most respect for???

Greg Raymer säger: I respect all poker players who act like gentleman or ladies at the table; who treat their opponents with respect.

perran säger: hi greg what do i need to become a great player,,, what skills are most important to aquire

Greg Raymer säger: Of course you have to learn very well the basic strategies of poker. In addition, to be a world class player, you must learn how to read your opponents very well, to figure them out better than they figure you out.

Nephilim säger: Hey Greg. Quick question : How much do you depend on statistics versus "feel for the game"? ("Feel for the game" being all other factors except pure statistics, like handreading skills, patterns of betting, personreading skills and so on.)

Greg Raymer säger: Feel, psychology, intuition, whatever you want to call it; these things are hugely important when you are gathering data. However, once you gather all the data, all that is left is statistics and math.

marx säger: I read somewhere that you were allergic to alcohol, do you consider this an advantage since your opponents might be drinking?

Greg Raymer säger: Well, if they are drinking and I am not, I do not see how that could be a disadvantage to me. ;-)

Dashiva säger: What is your opinion of swedish players vs. other players from say the US?

Greg Raymer säger: I think that no country has any advantage over the others, except when it comes to experience. Right now, we still have more world class players in the US than any other single country. However, that is simply because we have more poker players. So, we also have more terrible poker players in the US than Sweden or anybody else.

Mr Edguy säger: Hello Greg , do u always go ALL-IN whith AA before the flopp ?

Greg Raymer säger: no. The size of my bets is based upon the blinds, stack sizes, and the pot. Often, going all-in is too many chips. But if you push all-in, I will never fold AA, that is for sure.

Linus Dahl säger: Are you gonna meet Ken Lennard head to Head again?

Greg Raymer säger: Not tonight, at least not head to head. Ken is playing with us, and I will try to beat him, but just the same as I will try to beat everybody else at the table.

Jonatan säger: Hello Greg And how did it feel when Aaron kanter hit his flush on the river WSOP -05. Was he pot Commited ?

Greg Raymer säger: If Aaron had thought things through more carefully, he might have folded when I reraised him all-in. However, if I had been him at that moment, I would have also called. Hopefully, if I were in his seat, however, I would not have made the bluff in the first place.