Lindelöf stopped a thief in Sweden

Victor Lindelöf made a so-called citizen's arrest in his home town of Västerås, Sweden, today.

The Manchester United defender stopped a bag robbery as he ran to catch up and held the suspected thief until the police arrived.

”The police would like to thank the witness for a rapid and sensible intervention”, the Police Authority of Västerås said in a statement.

The incident occurred around 10.30 AM this morning. Lindelöf, who is currently enjoying his holiday in the home town of Västerås along with wife Maja, intervened when a thief snatched a purse from an old woman in her 90’s.

According to sources, the woman kept the purse in her walker.

In a statement made by the police, it is confirmed that ”a man who was in the vicinity ran after the suspected perpetrator, caught up with him and kept him until the police arrived at the scene”.

”Very fast on short rushes”

According to Sportbladets sources, this ”man” was indeed the Manchester United defender Victor Nilsson Lindelöf.

– The man who intervened very rapidly was athletically built. That’s about all I can say as of this moment, Daniel Wikdahl from the Västerås police said when asked if Lindelöf was in fact responsible for todays heroic actions.

– But the man who ran after the suspect was obviously very fast on short rushes…

”Rapid and sensible”

Police officers arrived at the crime scene about five minutes after the initial alarm. So the 26 year old United star held the suspect under control for about five minutes.

”The police would like to thank the witness for a rapid and sensible intervention made to restore the plaintiff's property”, the police said in their statement.

A Manchester United source said Lindelöf does not want to comment directly on the circumstances.

”He ran after the thief and got the bag back without using any violence. Victor believes he was just doing what anybody would have done in that situation”, the source said.

Victor Lindelöfs wife Maja witnessed the incident.

The suspect, a man in his 30’s, was released but the suspicions (aggravated theft and minor drug offenses for personal use) remain.



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