Ibrahimovic confirms talks about ”Zlatan The Movie”

avPatrik Brenning

Admitted on press conference: ”We're negotiating”

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo is already on the big screen.

Now it's Zlatan Ibrahimovics turn.

– We're negotiating about a movie, says Ibrahimovic.

It was in todays press conference with the swedish national team that Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirmed that there are ongoing discussions about "Zlatan - the movie".

Ibrahimovic already has a contract with Universal and he recently did an apperance in Wayne Rooneys documentary.

”We're negotiating”

– We're negotiating. We'll see. It would have been fun if we could put something out. It's not just to say "I want" and someone says " we can do it .", Ibrahimovic said with a smile.

Several tv-documentaries has been made about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but not yet a film for the big screen.

More chapters in the story about Zlatan is to be written before the premiere of "Zlatan the movie".

– I'm here to take Sweden to the European Championship. We have two important matches now that we have to win, Ibrahimovic said.

he hasn't thought about playing for Sweden in the Olympics 2016.

– I'd rather play the European Championships.