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BORLÄNGE. 13 years ago, Dalkurd was born.  Now the club are preparing for life in Swedens topflight, Allsvenskan.  1-0 against Gais means that promotion is secured.

Prior to the season Dalkurd were favourites to take home Superettan, Swedens second highest division.  The table became even tighter than many had believed in advance and the battle for promotion has been tough all the way to the finish.

As late as last week, Brommapojkarna became the first team to be promoted to Allsvenskan after a 1-0 win at home to the Börlänge club.  Now Dalkurd themselves join them in the country’s highest division. Saturdays win against Gais gives them a six point lead over third placed Trelleborg with only one game to play.

– It's like my brother-in-law Brwa Nouri (Östersund) said; it's unfair to my feelings to put them into words. We can go as far as possible, says Ahmed Awad.

Captain Scorer

The first half was sparse of chances, with the home team enjoying more possession in front of the seasons highest crowd of 2,740 spectators. Ahmed Awad failed to convert as Kujtim Bala crossed from the left touchline.

Gais had a similar opportunity just before halftime, but Alibek Alievs shot went high over keeper Frank Pettersson goal.

Much of the same followed in the second half.  An early attack saw the ball dance around the the goaline before Gais keaper Damir Mehic cleared. 

Then in the end the goal came.  Captain Rawez Lawan struck in 1-0 after a silky pass från Heradi Rashidi in the 59th minute. 

– Being able to give so much joy to a people so oppressed ... I don't know how to describe it, Ahmed Awad.

May leave Borlänge

The scoreline stood for the rest of the match.  Dalkurd will play in Allsvenskan 2018 for the first time in the clubs 13 year history.  

Whether or not they continue to play at Domnarsvallen is less than certain. There has been speculation for a while that the club may move to Uppsala.

In the final round of the season they meet third place Trelleborg away at Vångavallen.

* The text is translated by Steve Gavin


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