Beckham: I would like to sign Zlatan

Beckham full of praise for Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Foto: TT
Sportbladet var enda svenska media på plats.

David Beckham to reunite with Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

That could potentially happen.

In an exclusive interview with Sportbladets Peter Wennman, ”Becks” reveal that he would sign the Swedish striker without blinking if ”Ibra” is still playing when his Miami team is ready to enter the MLS.

– Zlatan is a beast, Beckham says.

Sportbladets Premier League correspondent Peter Wennman sat down with the Manchester United legend, ahead of the release of BBC Ones forthcoming documentary, where David Beckham plays seven games in all seven continents.

”Big admirer”

In the interview, Beckham is full of praise for his former PSG team mate, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

– We had an amazing relationship in PSG. And I’m not just saying that. I love Zlatan, as a friend and as a player.

Beckhams goes on to say that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most professional players he’s ever met during his long and successful career.

– I’ve played against and alongside some spectacular players. But I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone as serious about his football as Zlatan. Of course, when I came to Paris, I knew he was talented, but I had no idea he would so relentless and tough on himself. He was born a winner. He is a beast with huge selfe confidence and yeah, for sure I’m one of his biggest admirer.

Sounds like you would like to recruit him to your new Miami team in MLS, when that day comes along?

– Well, we’ve been granted permission to build the arena and that will take two, maybe three years. If Zlatan is still playing by then, I’d buy him straight away. And physically, he is one of a kind, so it’s definitely possible (that he’ll still be playing). Who wouldn’t want to sign a player that is willing to kill to win?

Do you think Zlatan would do well in todays Premier League?

– He would be outstanding in any team, without a shadow of a doubt, Beckham says.

”Respect for Fergie”

The former Manchester United star and Three Lions captain also took some time to talk about his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson.

– Oh god, I have such tremendous respect for that man. In fact, I just realized I’m still a bit nervous in his presence. It’s like when you are young… Ryan Giggs and I had a glass of wine in front of us and when Fergie entered the room we discretely hid our glasses under the table – even though we were grown ups and had stopped playing football. That speaks volumes about our respect for him.

But your son apparently didn’t have that same amount of respect for him?

– Apparently not. He was in the dressing room, on his phone, so I told him: ”What are you doing? Put that phone away! Fergie might come in here!”

– Then he looked at me and said:

– But I’m talking to mum!