"Bluffa inte om du inte är trovärdig"

Läs hela chatten med världsmästaren i poker, Greg Raymer


Världsmästaren i poker spelar på nätet så ofta han hinner.

I chatten berättar han att han ofta stöter på skickliga svenska pokerspelare.

Världsmästarvinsten bestod förutom äran av 5 miljoner dollar men av dem fick Greg och hans familj behålla mindre än en femtedel.

Men nio till fem-jobbet på kontor är slut, nu består hans liv av resor runt om i världen till de stora pokerturneringarna.

säger: what does it feel like to win the biggest and best tournament in the world?

   Greg Raymer säger: It feels excellent! I can only compare it to a great sports victory. Such as when your team wins a championship.

mastermind säger: Are you afraid that poker online eventually will die out due to cheating with computer programs in the future?

   Greg Raymer säger: No, I am not worried. As far as I know, there is no cheating now. If the programs develop in the future, I trust the online sites to develop ways of detecting them, and stopping them.

Arne säger: Hi Greg! Which player is your hardest opponent?

   Greg Raymer säger: All of the top players are tough opponents. There is no one person who is significantly more difficult than any other. I prefer to not have any of these top players at my table, if I can help it.

Miia säger: Do you play online poker?

   Greg Raymer säger: Yes, I play at PokerStars.com all the time. The only reason I don't play more often is because I travel so much, and have so little time. Maybe I will see you there in the future.

`fdf säger: How do i bluff?

   Greg Raymer säger: That's a tough question to answer in a short time. The main thing to remember, don't bluff unless the situation makes it believable that you have the hand you are representing.

Snorizo säger: Your favorite hand?

   Greg Raymer säger: Finally, an easy question. The 8 of diamonds and the 8 of spades, which is the hand that I won the World Series of Poker with, the final hand.

martin säger: I heard that swedish pokerplayers are real good? Do you have the same feeling?

   Greg Raymer säger: There are many great Swedish poker players. I run into many of them all the time at PokerStars.com, where I play online. I am also seeing more and more of them at the big tournaments in the U.S.

EmilB säger: Every player lose sometimes. What is the longest "losing streak" you've had, if you've ever had one that goes longer than a day that is?

   Greg Raymer säger: A few years ago, I went on a losing streak that lasted half a year. Since I was a part-time player, that was about the same as a full-time player losing for a month or two.

Waz säger: I remember when John Murphy sat down at your table at the WSOP finals, and you two began som sort of prestige fight over who was the table bully, how important is it to your game to be "the bully", can you play good short stack poker?

   Greg Raymer säger: Do keep in mind that the WSOP television coverage is highly edited. The don't show hands where nothing of interest happens. I look more like a bully than I really am. And the hands with John were edited to look more like a fight than they really were. I consider myself a very good short stack player. However, I do not tend to remain a short stack very long. I usually become a big stack, or lose it all

josef säger: what will you do with you 5 mill?

   Greg Raymer säger: 2.1M went to my backers, a group of people who invested in my poker bankroll. Another 1.2M will be paid as taxes. The rest will be used to support my family and hopefully it can stay in the bank until I retire.

Pär säger: Hi greg How much money do you think i need to put in my account to have the chans to do some big money on the net?

   Greg Raymer säger: You can start with very little, as long as you start by playing the smallest games, and slowly win your way up to the big games. If you want to win big quickly, you will have to be able to risk a lot of money to do so. I recommend the first strategy.

mokeponi säger: Which are the most important things to think about when playing a live tournament? I mean what things should you notice in your opponents behaviour and so on.

   Greg Raymer säger: The most important thing is to stay focused. There is always a lot of information to pick up from your opponents. The list is so long I cannot really mention any specifics. But, if you are really paying attention, you will see it all yourself.

Raistlin säger: It is a known fact that people who have been playing strategy games on a professional level are very succesful in poker. Do you see any sort of connection between poker and computer strategy games?

   Greg Raymer säger: Well, I have no real experience in playing computer strategy games, so I do not know the answer myself. Sorry.

sureal säger: you seem so calm when you play...is it due to training or are you that kind of personality? ;)

   Greg Raymer säger: I am that kind of personality. However, I am much better at it now than I was when I was a new player to the game. The more experience you have, the easier it gets.

MrMaple säger: Hi Fossilman! Skill versus a good hand.. If i have a good hand a whole round, versus Greg with crapcards, would you still beat me, ( an average player)?

   Greg Raymer säger: I take it you mean, you get a good starting hand every time, and I never do. In that case, no, you should pretty much always win.

Tiltcurer säger: What poker book gave you the most benefits or insights?

   Greg Raymer säger: Definitely The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky. In the future, once I am done writing it, hopefully my book will also be helpful. It will also be published by www.twoplustwo.com.

ernzt säger: If you could choose which hand you want to have, wich would you choose betwen 6 of diamonds and 6 of hearts or king of clubs and queen of diamonds...and why?

   Greg Raymer säger: It would depend upon the situation, but most of the time, I would prefer the pair of 6s.

Cheunce säger: What has changed in you life since you won the WSOP?

   Greg Raymer säger: For example, I am in Stockholm. My old life was very typical, working in an office 5 days a week. Now I travel the world playing poker in big tournaments, and representing PokerStars.com.

Kuopio säger: What do you prefer most, play online or on a table?

   Greg Raymer säger: After 12 years as a part-time pro, and now being full-time, I find I have a much bigger advantage over my opponents in a live game than online. I am very good now at reading my opponents, and figuring out their hands. Thus, just because I can win more, I prefer live games.

Fly Fisherman säger: First, congrats for that great win. I enjoyed watching you play and I like your aggressive style. "Busting" The Mouth was one of my favourites that year. Well done! ;-)

My question: Have your big win effected your play afterwards? I mean, is it easier for you to play well nowadays when you know that it doesn´t matter if you win or lose? I mean. You have food on your table for many years to come...

   Greg Raymer säger: It still matters just as much to me now as before, whether I win or lose. I simply like to win. The big difference is how my opponents play against me. I have to adjust to their new style when they play me.

rally säger: Can anyone play poker or do you have to be super-smart?

   Greg Raymer säger: With enough hard work and study, almost anybody can become a winning poker player. However, the smarter you are, the easier it is to learn what you need to know to be a winner.

fredde säger: how do you read a player?

   Greg Raymer säger: Experience. The best thing to do is to study an opponent when they are playing a hand against someone else. Look for how they act and move, how they bet their chips, their overall demeanor. Then, compare that to the hand they turn over at the showdown. Use what you learned the next time you play a hand against them.

Emilio säger: Hello Greg. What do you think is the biggest difference between poker "live" and poker online except pokerface?!

   Greg Raymer säger: You can play online from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. In many places, there is no poker room available, or the games are bigger or smaller than you want. At PokerStars.com, there is always a game, every day, all the time, from free games up to big money games.

blukah säger: what is your impression of stockholm so far?

   Greg Raymer säger: I have not seen a lot, but so far it is a very beautiful city. I will have to try and return when I have more time to be a tourist.

säger: how can you stay on top all the time

   Greg Raymer säger: Discipline. The same way a great athlete always plays their best game. As for how you become disciplined, I cannot say. I think it is different for each of us.

   Greg Raymer säger: Thank you to everyone for providing these great questions, and for listening to my answers. I look forward to coming back to Stockholm again someday soon, and seeing more of your lovely city and friendly country.

Hej Då!!