”Poker är ett spel för gentlemän”

Läs hela chatten med T.J. Cloutier


Pokerlegendaren T.J Cloutier ställde upp och chattade med aftonbladet.se:s läsare.

Här är frågorna och svaren på engelska.

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Fire away, I'm ready for your questions

kalle säger: Welcome to Sweden TJ. Have you been here before, and how do you like it?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: I have never been here before but I'm already loving it.

Saecken säger: Which pokerplayer is hardest to play against, and why?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Stu Ungar. He is unfortunately dead now but he played faster than anyone alive today

M säger: I know you got a bracelet in it, but do you still hate razz?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Yes. I could teach a chimpanzee to play razz. It is the most frustrating game ever invented

ricardo s säger: Hi! Do you consider yourself to be a legend? In my eyes you are!!!

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Thank you. People tell me I am but I see myself as a regular poker player.

säger: If you want to become a professional player on the internet or in live games, is the main priority the mathematical calculations or can you become a great player without great knowledge of this?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: You cannot play poker without a basic knowledge about the mathimatical part of the game but you don't need to be a genius.

MrPitch säger: Hi T.J, First Qustion: Why is J9s your favorite hand? wasent this the hand that elimnated you the year Scotty N. won the WSOP? Second question: What are you gonna do in Sweden?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Because I flopped a straight flush to it three times in one year in a cash game in Dallas.

Morbian säger: Do you think characters like Phil Hellmuth jr are good for the game or is poker a game for gentlemens?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: To Mr Pitch second question: Yes because Kevin McBride had J9 spades. I'm here in Sweden to participate in a Expekt.com poker event.

Poker is a game for gentlemen.

Big Slick säger: Ken Lennaárd is big in Sweden. He beat you 1999 at the Carnival of Rio. Is he a good player?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: I don't remember names but I do remember faces. So if I would sit down with him again I would probably recognize him. I'm sure he is a very fine player

pierre säger: Hi TJ. What do you think about the WSOP? Is it getting to big? Should the buy-in be higher?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: It is too big and the buy-in should definitely be higher. It is easier to win a lottery.

Empo säger: All players lose once in a while. What is your longest losing streak ?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: To be honest I don't really remember. I guess it was 1993 at the WSOP which was the only year I did not cash in one of the many tournaments.

oscar säger: Hey T.J!

How big bankroll does a tournament player have to play WPT, WSOP and other big events ?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: It depends on how many tournaments you would like to play. But today you need quite a large bankroll because of many tournaments with large buy-ins.

PokiBrat säger: Are you working on any new poker books?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Yes, we just finished one called "The way to win the championship". It is a book which takes you from the last three tables through the championship.

tjatte säger: What do you think about the future of poker? Will it be even bigger?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Yes. I believe that Tv and all online playing will make it larger than today.

Bingo säger: What is your opinion about kids who play homegames about money?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: At first I was against it. But a lot a parents have come to me and said their sons and daughters play on the weekends and they much rathter spend $20 playing poker than spending that money on alcohol and drugs. And the parents also know where they are.

Blind säger: Hi TJ! I wonder if you use to play about money over the internet? If yes, what is your favorite site?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Yes. I play a lot at Expekt.com which I find as a great poker site.

PokiBrat säger: Money management is one thing, how about time management? How much is 'normal' to play poker every week/day? (My wife think I play way to much)

   T.J. Cloutier säger: It matters if this is your profession or if you are doing it for fun. If it is for fun it should not take anything away from your normal activities but to make money as a professional you have to put in the time, just like any other job.

ButTheyWereSuited säger: How has poker changed since the introduction of pocket cams?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: I have not noticed the change.

TobbeE säger: Hey TJ. How can u read other players moves ?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: You simply study them and their moves when they look at the cards or make their bets.

rubenos säger: Why do you think some people succeed and some people fail at poker as a career?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Some people just work harder. Most professionals make mistakes but they learn from them and never repeat them.

ricardo s säger: Hi, What can you say about the people who think poker is more luck than skills? The swedish IRS is of that opinion...

   T.J. Cloutier säger: To be a successful player you need to have good skill but there is also a luck factor involved. But over a period of time skill will outlast luck.

Happa säger: What is your favorit poker book ?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Besides my own, "Supersystem 2" by Doyle Brunson.

Shapeshifter säger: Is it true that you couldn't get a game at the casino in Stockholm yesterday?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Hehehe, I was just not in a mood to play. They all looked like nice games.

Nilzon säger: Hi TJ! Whats the biggest mistake you have ever done?

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Walk up to a craps table

   T.J. Cloutier säger: Thank you for all questions. Hope to see you all at a final table.