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Joe Hachem chattade på aftonbladet.se

STORT INTRESSE Mängder av läsare ville chatta med Joe Hachem (längst till höger). Michael Holmberg, Freddy Rahme och Sebastian Langer är också intresserade.

Den regerande världsmästaren i poker, Joe Hachem från Australien, hälsade på på aftonbladet.se:s redaktion och chattade med våra läsare.

Här är ett sammandrag av chatten

   Joe Hachem säger: Hi guys this is Joe

JoJJ3 säger: Hi Joe! First, I want to congratulate you on your incredible victory at the 2005 WSOP Grand final. I am impressed!

What is your absolutley best advice, when playing a Live Texas Hold'em no-limit tournament?

   Joe Hachem säger: Hi JoJJ3, thanks for your kind words! Playing a live no limit tournament, my best advice, is to play a very tight aggressive game early in the tournament and make sure not to commit to many chips to the pot before the flop

milo98 säger: When did you start playing poker?

   Joe Hachem säger: I stated playing poker as a teenager playing with my friends and brothers

Michael säger: Hi Joe! Do you play any internetgames on Pokerstars? And if you do so, do you prefer cashgame or tourneys?

   Joe Hachem säger: Yes I play on PokerStars every week and I normally play a selection of cash games, ranging from no limit holdém to pot limit omaha. I play tournaments whenever I can, I think PokerStars has the best tournaments online. My alias is JoeHachem

Felicia säger: does this change your life in any way?

   Joe Hachem säger: It changes my life in a thousand ways. I was happy with my life before I won the WSOP. However after winning my life changed in that I became a celebrity over night and now I can travel the world playing all these wonderful poker tournaments and visiting beautiful places such as Sweden

MavBergerus säger: What do you think about swedish players?

   Joe Hachem säger: Hi MavBergerus; I}ve been playing with Swedish players for the last five years and have found them to be very talented players. Hello to all my friends from Linköping! And I would like to know if it is true that in Linköping texas hold}em is tought in primary school?

Jimmie säger: How much is luck and how much is pure skill in poker in %?

   Joe Hachem säger: If you have to give a % it would be 70% skill and 30% luck.

Falcen säger: What poker books have helped your game?

   Joe Hachem säger: My favorite book on poker is Championship no limit and pot limit texas hold}em by TJ Cloutier and Tom McEvoy.

flopwinner säger: Hello Joe! What is your best advice for an amateur who wants to be a professional pokerplayer??

   Joe Hachem säger: Bankroll management is the best advice I can give you. Too many amateurs believe it is easy to becoma a professional and that money grows on trees. But actually it takes a lot of discipline to manage your bankroll efficiently.

dEZZI[pG] säger: Hello Hachem! I've just one question: What is your worst bad beat ever?

   Joe Hachem säger: I was playing the Bally}s World Series Circuit Event in November 2005, we were at the final table with 5 left and I was chip leader. Someone raised under the gun to 12K and then someone re-raised to 50K and I had 330K so I re-raised to 150K with KK. The first raiser folded, the second raiser moved all in for 300K and I called. He showed me J10 off and the flop came JJ2.... sick!

Narsilion säger: Has your family been with you on any turneaments when you have played outside Australia?

   Joe Hachem säger: My family have travelled all over the US and they will be coming with me when I come to Europe for the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo 7-11 March.

BenkeBus säger: Hello mate, do you have any favorit hand ?

   Joe Hachem säger: Hi mate, Not really, I play each hand as it comes and as the situation dictates, although I have to say that 73 has now a dear spot in my heart :)

poke säger: Gimme some advice on comon pokertells plz!!!

   Joe Hachem säger: My favorite poker tell is to look at someones neck and see if they are breathing hard and if the vein in the neck is pulsing really hard, this usually means they are stressed and do not want you to call their bet.

yeager säger: do you play with any kind of statistic program online?

   Joe Hachem säger: No I dont, I generally record my results manually.

dee säger: what have you done with your money?

   Joe Hachem säger: I've donated it to the swedish government.

suffercity säger: Hi, do you consider to write any poker book, and if so what will it contain? (cashgame, tournments strategy etc..)

   Joe Hachem säger: I'm hoping to write a book firstly about my story and how I got to become the world champion. Then hopefully I will follow up with a book on strategy of tournament play.

tang säger: What other pokerplayer(s) do you fear the most?

   Joe Hachem säger: I don't really fear any poker players, but there are many poker players I respect highly. I've been told I should fear the great Ken Lenaárd, who I understand is a huge swedish celebrity poker player. (he told me himself)

Rille säger: Made you any big outdraw during the WSOP?

   Joe Hachem säger: No. I was behind only once in 7 days and it was a crucial hand at the final table when I made a big move before the flop with Q7 suited and I got called by a pair of 9 (which was a terrible call anyway) and I hit Q on the flop.

dEZZI[pG] säger: Would you consider playing the Swedish Pro Ken Lennaárd in a heads-up game?

   Joe Hachem säger: It is possible that we will be playing a heads-up match in march during the Monte Carlo final for 50,000 USD with the winner donating the profit to charity.

Spartacus säger: Hello! First I wanna thank you because your victory in the WSOP-main event have really inspired me. Then to the question: What level did you play before (back in Australia) in cash-games (or tournaments). And what levels do you play at now? Did you think/know then (before the victory) that you were as good as you turned out to be?

   Joe Hachem säger: Hello mate, thnx for your question! In Australia I was playing 25-50 and 50-100 PL and NL cash games and I played in the 10K buy-in tournaments. I still play the same level now when I get the chance. I've always had belief in my ability to play poker, but I also believe that as a poker player I must always look for ways to improve my game.

Rockets säger: How many royal straight flushes in your life?

   Joe Hachem säger: Exaclty 3 and I remember each one and I never made any money on either hand :)

perran säger: Hi Joe, what skills you most have to be a good poker player?

   Joe Hachem säger: Hi perran, you need to have discipline and aggression to become a successful poker player, these 2 ingredients are essential.

wuzzy säger: Hi there Joe! How do you handle it if you get a longer period of bad luck when playing?

   Joe Hachem säger: That's a very good question wuzzy, a lot of poker players will destroy themselves when they have a period of bad luck. I know, I've done this before. These days if I am having a period of bad luck I would stop and analyze my game very carefully and then drop down in game size so I don't lose too much and then as my confidence rebuilds I start moving up again.

Rickard säger: Have you ever in a live tournament getting all-in on the first hand?

   Joe Hachem säger: Once, I had AA and the other guy had AK. I won.

Morran säger: Hi Joe! I wonder what you think of Phil Hellmut? Both his personality and his poker skills.

   Joe Hachem säger: If you take Phil Hellmuth away from the poker table, he is a very nice guy. But as soon as he's within 50 meters of a poker table, he changes into a different person. As a tournament poker player I think he is one of the most talented there is.

Robbin säger: Can we trust the internet poker?

   Joe Hachem säger: Absolutely. I}ve been playing online on many sites over the years and especially on PokerStars.com and I can honestly say that what I have seen happen in real life poker makes the internet look as safe as houses.

Pedro säger: G'day Joe...Do you teach your children to play poker?

   Joe Hachem säger: G'day mate! I have 4 children and they are totally infatuated with poker. I don't actually teach them directly, but they are constantly listening to me talking about poker. We have collectively decided that there will be 5 Hachems playing in the World Series in 2016.

   Joe Hachem säger: Thank you all for your questions, it's been great talking to you, I wish you all the best!